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A collaborative research into the East Asian society, culture, and economy has been increasingly important in recent years. Jointly operated by the School of Global Service, the Department of Japanese Studies, and the Division of Chinese Language and Literature, students are required to analyze the East Asian issues from a diversified interdisciplinary point of view and to establish an analytical framework. Classes are held on weekday nights and Saturdays to train talented students who can combine theory and practice. A doctoral degree in Area Studies is given after students acquire 36 credits. After graduation, students will be able to enter various fields such as academia, international organizations, public institutions, global media, non-governmental organizations, domestic and overseas think tanks.

For the details for various scholarships, see below.

In addition, scholarships are available when students work as a researcher in the institutions such as the Sookmyung Institute of Global Governance(Ministry of Education–funded research institute) operated by the faculty of the School of Global Service and the Sookmyung Startup Foundation.
Course Name Introduction
METHODOLOGY ON REGIONAL STUDIES Students are expected to improve the quality and depth of the research by adopting various kinds of research methodology in practical terms
STATISTICS This course aims to examine the advanced level of the statistics for further understanding of problematic settings.
EAST ASIAN HISTORY Students are expected to have deeper understanding over the East Asian region by researching both individual and regional history of the East Asia countries.
GLOBAL GOVRNANCE This course aims to cover the global governance system to resolve multilateral international issues. Through the course students will improve the ability for situation analysis.
GLOBAL MEDIA This course aims to examine the global media in depth to understand global dynamics using theoretical approach and case analysis as a tool.
INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS INTENSIVE SEMINAR Students are expected to analyze issues over international relations in various theoretical frames to find out the solution for conflicts.
CHINESE MODERN LITERATURE This course examines how Chinese historical events reflected in literary works to understand the formation and characteristics of Chinese modern literature.
CHINESE CULTURE This course aims to research the characteristics of Chinese and Chinese literary with various methodology.
CHINESE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM This course examines how Chinese enterprises could make rapid economic growth with their management system. Students will have the prospect over the Chinese economy.
READING ON CHINESE MATERIALS Students are expect to read variety of Chinese literature and improve the speaking ability.
CHINESE ECONOMY AND SOCIETY Students are expected to have comprehensive understanding about Chinese economic system and social structure
SEMINAR ON CHINESE WOMEN This course aims to consider the women status in China from the ancient era to now. The study will help understanding the characteristics of Chinese women in literature.
JAPANESE MANAGEMENT STYLE This course examines the characteristics of Japanese enterprise management style and recent changes.
SEMINAR ON JAPANESE MODERN LITERATURE Students are expected to study Japanese modern history in relation with mass media and pop culture.
STUDIES IN COMPARATIVE LITERATURE This course aims to deepen the understanding of Korean literature by using individual and comparative study with foreign literature.
EAST ASIA AND STARTUP ENVIRONMENT This course aims to suggest a model for East Asian startup ecosystem through the understanding of macro and micro analysis
EAST ASIA AND MNC’S MARKETING This course examines eastaisa market analysis, enterprise research, and MNC marketing strategies.
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY This course examines the intellectual property issue and strategy in global market. Students will have discussion over the IP strategic trend issues.
CULTURE AND COMMUNICATION Students are expected to improve cross cultural communication ability by having basic understanding regarding what happens when more than two different cultures conflict.
EAST ASIAN ENTREPRENEURSHIP This course examines East Asian entrepreneurship through case study and content analysis.
UNDERSTANING PUBLIC DIPLOMACY Students are expected to attain basic theoretical knowledge regarding public diplomacy, which is a contrast to traditional diplomacy to deepen the understanding toward diplomatic method.
INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL ECONOMY Students are expected to understand international political economy theory and apply them to theoretical analysis of current global issues.
UNDERSTANDING JAPANESE ECONOMY This course examines Japanese economic development factor in comparative point of view with other East Asia countries.
STUDIES ON KOREA-JAPAN RELATION This course examines the desirable relationship between Korea and Japan based on the consideration of historical and cultural background.
EAST ASIA CULTURE CONTENTS This course examines the influence of K-wave in East Asia cultures with theoretical analysis and operational approach of production, circulation, and consumption of cultural contents.
EAST ASIA REGIONAL COOPERATION Students are expected to analyze political, economic, social, and cultural cooperation of East Asia area and suggest theoretical solution for regional integration.

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