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The Global Cooperation major provides interdisciplinary curriculum that maximizes students’ problem-solving skills, cultural sensitivity, and multilingual capacity. The curriculum of Global cooperation major is conducted entirely in English and emphasizes in-depth understanding of development studies, global business, and cross-cultures. Students are expected to pursue careers in public sector, global media, international organizations, and multinational corporations. Meanwhile, the Entrepreneurship major is designed to foster integrated analysis and application of business models and creative ideas based on entrepreneurship spirit to plan, launch, and expand innovative business ventures.
Students majoring in either Global Cooperation or Entrepreneurship will gain diverse experiences and skills through extra-curricular activities to succeed in their careers. Both majors offer rich opportunities for self-career development through diverse internships and study-abroad programs for students during summer and winter break. The programs are also designed to provide the necessary skills for employment in the fields listed below.
Global Cooperation program
The Global Cooperation program provides interdisciplinary education in development studies, emerging markets, global marketing strategy, and social enterprises. To nurture an international workforce, students will be instructed in English and will obtain fluency in other foreign second languages such as Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and French by the time of graduation. In addition, students will gain professional experiences based on overseas fieldwork and international organization internships.

Graduates of the Global Cooperation program will acquire the necessary skills to work for embassies such as the Embassy of the United States in Seoul, Korea and other economic organizations such as the Korean branches of the American Chamber of Commerce or the European Union Chamber of Commerce. Our graduates pursue careers in international organizations including World Bank, Asia Development Bank, International Monetary Fund, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNESCAP, UNHCR, Amnesty International, Food and Agriculture Organization. Furthermore, graduates who continue graduate studies will be able to pursue professional careers in specialized think tanks or academia.
Entrepreneurship program
The Entrepreneurship major aims to develop students with adaptable and creative approaches to business models, enabling them to construct unique business models and successfully nurture a business venture. Students will have rich opportunities to gain valuable field experiences through practical training and internships overseas.

Graduates of the Entrepreneurship program will gain sufficient language proficiency and professional knowledge to immediately enter multinational corporations such as IBM, HP, Microsoft and Google, or overseas branches of domestic multi-national corporations such as Samsung, LG, and POSCO. Graduates seeking to obtain a professional or graduate degree would be prepared for graduate studies in the areas of business and management.

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